Birgitte Kristen
Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer
with over 28 years of experience
As much as I love teaching personally and value personal connection established with my students, we all have to practice letting go of our attachments and step up to adjust to circumstances. I am happy to live in the time when technology gives us all the tools to keep teaching even from home and sharing the benefits of yoga when it is needed more then ever.

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10-Days Yoga Nidra Course with Birgitte
This course is an in depth exploration of Yoga Nidra and how you can use the practices to cultivate a deeper and more intimate relationship with yourself. Though, Yoga Nidra is used as a tool for relaxation and sleep, in its purest form. Yoga Nidra is truly an exploration of your Innermost Self and the interconnectedness of all. Through daily practices, I will guide you on a journey through your body in order for you to experience the different layers of your Being. We will examine the use of Sankalpa, the Four States of Consciousness, and how AUM relates to this ancient tradition of Yoga Nidra.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or newer to Yoga Nidra, my wish is that you gain a better understanding of this ancient tradition, while at the same time experiencing the many practices and various approaches.

Every session includes a practice, ranging anywhere from 8-18 minutes.
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Practicing Breath Work
is beneficial for all of us
Whether you are recovering from an active respiratory infection or you simply would like to do these breathing exercises as preventative measures, you will likely be left with a feeling of calm and wellbeing
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