Teacher Trainings & Workshops
200-Hour Teacher Training Intensive Format
Aug 6 - Aug 31, 2018

Are you ready to transform your life? Our foundational 200-Hour program will advance your practice, take you deeper into the many layers of yoga, build your confidence and help find your voice. Not to mention you will go deep, have a lot of fun and make lifelong friends.
This program is designed for both those wanting to deepen their practice and for aspiring teachers.

August 6 – August 31, 2018
Monday – Friday | 8:30am – 4:30pm

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200-Hour Teacher Training Weekend Format
Jan 5 - Mar 24, 2019

At YogaWorks, we have been leading teacher trainings for over 25 years and have trained some of the world's most celebrated Yogis. Our program is considered the most respected program in Teacher Training with over 10,000 graduates in over 20 countries.
This program is designed for both those wanting to deepen their practice and for aspiring teachers.

January 5 – March 24, 2019
Saturday & Sunday | 12:00pm – 6:30pm
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300-Hour Teacher Training
Dates TBA

In 1999, before the creation of the 300-Hour Program, Birgitte started mentoring at Yogaworks. The mentor relationship was originally how yoga was passed down to new teachers and YogaWorks continues this effective learning tradition.

After completing a teacher training, students back then, were encouraged to assist a senior teacher for six months, which on one occasion extended to two years. There was no curriculum or guidelines, but it was very personal and a helpful stepping stone for someone who was new to teaching and had a desire to teach at YogaWorks.

Once the 300-Hour Program was created, Birgitte continued to mentor and adapt to the new curriculum and format.
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Yoga Nidra Workshop
Dates TBA

Yoga Nidra is a meditation technique that promotes deep rest and relaxation. It is a form of meditation, guiding you into a deep form of stillness. Yoga Nidra is a simple meditation to maintain and use in times of stress and/or insomnia. This practice is centering, restorative and rejuvenating for the body, mind and soul. This workshop is appropriate for students of all levels and interests. Yoga Nidra induces relaxation, helps to find relief for anxiety, fear, anger, depression, insomnia and much more.
Over the years, Yogaworks has brilliantly developed an exceptional apprenticeship program. Senior teacher, Lisa Walford, was an indispensable part of creating and overseeing the program. Like 'the old days', I still prefer having a smaller group, so I can give more individual attention. The learning and growing as a teacher, has to be one step at a time, slow and mindful: Vinyasa Krama.....mindfully, step by step.
Birgitte Kristen
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